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James Brian Jones
BoBo the seal
Contract Info:
I’m always interested in hearing about contract opportunities especially for handheld games. My artistic skills include concepting, modeling, and texturing. I primarily use 3dsMax, Photoshop, and Deeppaint but can work in any number of 3dpackages. I've worked on consol, handheld, and PC games.

Email: bobo@bobotheseal.com

Studio Credits:
Lead Artist/Character Lead - 38Studios - Unannounced MMORPG
Lead Character Artist - Iron Lore Entertainment - Titan Quest, TQ Immortal throne
Sr. Character Artist - Ensemble Studios - Age of Empires III
Sr. Character Artist - Ritual Entertainment - Star Trek Elite Force II.

Contract Credits:
ArenaNet - GuildWars Nightfall
Soldak Entertainment - Depth of Peril
Vicious Cycle - Vicious Engine Atlantis Demo
Night Light Studios - Brom's the Plucker Demo
Ensemble Studios - Age of Empires 3
5000ft. Studios - Stacked with Daniel Negreanu
Digital Extremes - Pariah
Streamline Stduios - Ghost Recon 2
Landing Party Software - Unannounced Tactical Shooter
S2games - Savage
Liquid development - Ultima Online X
Studio 3 - Action Adventure Xbox Title

EXPOSÉ 2 – Master Award : Character in repose 2d
Art of Age of Empires III: Published collection of art
Art of Titan Quest: Published collection of art
Brian, known throughout the online gaming community as “BoBo” is an industry veteran who has contributed to over twenty five projects, most notably Age of Empires 3 for Ensemble Studios and Titan Quest for Iron Lore Entertainment.

“I grew up wanting to be a comic book artist but that all changed the first time I created a texture for Quake 3. As soon as I saw one of my creations running around a game level, I knew this was what I wanted to do for a living. It all seamed so much more dynamic and alive.”

BoBo, a graphic artist and educator at the time, began delving into video game art by joining the Q3Fortress mod team (The mod team went on to become the London based developer Splash Damage). The project not only helped him get an understanding of the requirements of game development but also helped to restructure his portfolio towards that of gaming. Ultimately, it led to his first job in the game industry with Radica Games. His first project at Radica was to work on their new Play TV line of products. His duties included the creation of low palette sprites and concept art for electronic toys and games. While at Radica, BoBo shipped Play TV Snowboarder and had art published on packaging for the GirlTech and Skannerz line of electronic toys.

Craving the detail he could only get in 3d games, BoBo moved on and landed a job as a Texture Artist for Ritual Entertainment. During his stint at Ritual, BoBo continued to hone his skills and quickly went from Texture Artist to Character Artist to ultimately Senior Character Artist. While there, he worked on two projects. Star Trek: Elite Force 2 being the most notable.

After Shipping ST: Elite Force 2, BoBo took a Senior Character Artist role with Ensemble Studios where he worked on the third installment of the Age of Empires franchise. BoBo was integral in driving the look and feel of the in-game cinematic characters.

Next BoBo became an Independent Contractor which allowed him to work on a lot of different styles and genres. He worked on contracts including GuildWars, Pariah, Ghost Recon 2, Stacked with Daniel Negreanu and many more.

Wanting to get back into the studio setting BoBo took the Lead Character position at Iron Lore Entertainment where he led the character team on the studios flagship title Titan Quest and subsequent expansion Titan Quest: Immortal throne.

BoBo has most recently been at the newly formed 38Studios where he held the Lead Artist and Character Lead position through the conceptual phase of development on an unannounced MMORPG.
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